Updated 01/15/24

If you have a swarm of honeybees hanging from a tree limb, fence post, mail box, fire hydrant, etc. and would like for someone to remove them, please contact any of the following. Call as soon as possible as they won't be there long and could take up residence in the wall of a house. Pictures of swarms can be seen below.

Emily Barnett: 505-307-9674

Eric Berlin: 931-580-1471

Andy Beyer: 931-993-6255

Caleb Braden: 615-506-5888

Phillip Brasfield: 931-446-4603

Derrick Crump: 931-993-0146

David Evans: 703-795-8228

Jim Garrison: 615-330-0105

Dan Geer: 931-293-2240

Andy & Regina Ladd: 931-201-3352, 931-446-4563

Chris Stallings: 931-224-3443

Chris Theiler: 615-686-8251