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 Beekeeping Equipment Suppliers:     Please note supplier prices are subject to change.

777 Apiary (Skipper Luttrell) (Lawrenceburg) 931-629-2554 

See Skippers price sheet & catalogs at bottom of page. Skipper is usually in Lewisburg Monday-Friday.

Chris Theiler (Columbia) : Chris sells top bar hives, comfort hives and queens. Visit his website or contact him at / 615-686-8251

Sweeney Hill Farm ( Columbia) : Queens, Medium & Deep Nucs: 

Made in USA Bee Suit & Jacket, Ultra Breeze: 

Maple Bend Bee Supply, Lascassas, TN 931-670-6862 

Midway Bee Supply (Amish in Etheridge) Price sheet at bottom of page.

Jason Dodson: Honey bottles, jars, & lids. Located in Columbia 931-698-4959. 

Dadant and Son’s:

Mann Lake:

Rossman Apiaries:


Green Bee:

Wolf Creek Apiaries:

Pigeon Mountain Trading Company:

Blue Sky Bee Supply: 

Beeline Apiaries & Woodenware: 

Miller Bee Supply 

Western Bee Supplies Inc.: 

Honey Bee Veterinary Consortium  

Kent Williams Sugar Patty & Clarence Collison Pollen Patty Recipe at bottom of page. 

Reliable YouTube videos to search: Dr. Samuel Ramsey, Kent Williams, Joel White, Kamon Reynolds, JC's Bees, Randy Oliver, Dr. Clarence Collison, Bob Bennie, Bearded Bee Works (Josh Hager). Duck River Honey (Nathan Coleman)

 Local/State Clubs :

Nashville Area Beekeepers Association       

Beekeepers of Middle Tennessee                

Columbia Area Beekeepers Association      

Tennessee Beekeepers Association            

Duck River Association                                        No Website


Tennessee Department of Agriculture - Apiary Section:

The TN Apiary Act of 1995 can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Please register your Apiary. It's free, quick, easy, protects you as a beekeeper and is required by TN law.

Click here to register your apiary: 

TN Dept. of Revenue Application for the Agriculture Sales & Use Tax Exemption: 

Tennessee Agriculture Enhancement Program: 

University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture Entomology & Plant Pathology: 

UT Master Beekeeping Program (TN MBP)

Classes are coordinated by the State Apiculturist (Dr. Jennifer Tsuruda) and put on in cooperation with county Extension offices.

Do not be confused by the name – there are no prerequisites for this Basic Level class and you will learn skills to help you be a successful beekeeper. Please note that if you intend to take the Advanced class in the future, the Basic Level class is a prerequisite. This class is intended for participants aged 16 and over; younger youth are encouraged to participate in their county Extension 4-H Beekeeping and Entomology Program.

If your Oct 2021 TN Ag Enhancement Program proposal was approved and you have not taken a TN MBP course or your previous certificate was issued before 2018, you will need to take the 2022 TN MBP course series to receive the additional cost-share. Please see the TAEP/Producer Diversification websites and email contact (above) for more information about the dates and requirements.


Please note that the online registration system is the ONLY way to register for the class – walk-in registrations will not be accepted. Carefully read through the registration page and thoroughly check the information you enter is correct – especially your email address.

Please fill out this INTEREST FORM to be informed of future class offerings. Advanced or additional classes may be offered if interest and schedules allow – no guarantees for 2022. Reminder: the Basic class is a prerequisite for the Advanced class.


American Bee Journal                                

Bee Culture                                               


Beesource Beekeping Forums                  

Beetight Software                                    

Honey Bee Health Coalition: 

Keeping Backyard Bees                           

Field Watch                                              

Bee Informed Partnership                        

Pollinator Partnership                                       pollinator  

Pollinator Stewardship Council               

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Apiary Act of 1995
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